Dallas Capitol Dome Project

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When Stone & Glazing Consulting of Dallas, Texas, called on Bob Zeolla of American Anchor with a unique access problem, Bob immediately jumped on a plane to look at the issue. What he found was SGC Consulting on a capitol dome style rotunda building that was leaking in one hundred different locations.

This project was going to need every joint cleaned out and replaced, but this was the easy part. The difficult problem asked by Mark Mathson of SGC was, “How would we safely get a team up on the top and sides of the dome?” As the consultant, Mark knew that easy and quick access for a crew meant a better project both in cost and results for his client who owned the building.

Bob went back to Boston with an armful of drawings and a hand sketch on a napkin to show his team. After a quite a few meetings and some awesome work by the design and engineering group at AA, they had a plan. Now the manufacturing guys at American Anchor’s facility in Pennsylvania had to build a custom ladder to match the design specs of the engineers.

Well, they came through with a ladder and anchor system that matched the buildings arch exactly. One of the unique details of the ladder is that it has flat rungs along the entire arch, which allow for sound footing all the way to the top. When the crane started dropping the pieces into place, they fit like a glove. Special anchor bolts purchased in the Netherlands made the ladder secure and American Anchor’s install guys made it all look easy, all while hanging from a crane in harnesses for the initial attachments.

Workers can now simply walk up the color-matched ladder to the peak of the dome, secure working lines to one of the fall arrest anchors installed at the dome, and repel down any area that needs service. It will make the waterproofing project efficient and safe. In addition, any future maintenance on the dome will be made easy and safe.
Even though this job only required eight of American Anchors traditional anchors, it was a fun job for everyone on the team and solved a dilemma for the client.

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