All wall series anchors are fabricated entirely from type 304 stainless steel. The 3/4-inch U-Bar is welded to a stainless steel plate. All attachment hardware is also stainless steel. This ensures years of trouble-free service and eliminates unsafe and unsightly corrosion.

This anchor is extremely economical and when installed in most walls requires no additional flashing costs.



All roof anchors are constructed using our 3/4-inch Stainless Steel U-Bar, welded to a structural steel tube. The entire anchor is Hot Dipped Galvanized on the interior and exterior surfaces. This ensures the most corrosive-resistant anchor available. This anchor comes in many configurations to match your building’s construction.

These roof anchors can also be coated in a high-visibility orange coating that provides easy identification and location for workers when excessive rooftop equipment is present. This coating is impact, UV and chemical resistant to provide years of maintenance-free service.




Cable systems are a popular fall restraint solution to a hazardous working area, for example, around roof top equipment or along ledges. These systems are available using technology that allows the worker to travel long distances without detaching his/her lanyard from the cable. Horizontal cables should not be used for suspension or direct rigging.

  • Stainless steel cables and hardware
  • Built-in tension indicators
  • Rip stops reduce loads in case of accidents

Additional information
Manufactured using the finest components available, horizontal cables are the solution for providing safe access to ledges, balconies, bridges, and any areas of your facility that put workers at risk to falls. Common problems, such as rooftops without sufficient parapet protection or equipment that requires maintenance being located near a roof edge, are easily and safely accessed.

Whether we select a simple cable system or a hands-free cable system American Anchor will provide the appropriate solution to a dangerous problem.


The main function of a Davit Arm is support for suspended scaffold systems. They can be short or tall depending on the parapet wall conditions, or may even allow the scaffold to raise high enough to clear the wall and swing the unit onto the roof. Some have very large outreach to clear obstacles below such as balconies or cornices. We also design davit arms for hauling material to upper levels and can incorporate lifting devices to assist with this. Davit Arms are almost always designed to fit the particular buildings requirements and can be fabricated to fit most new construction and existing buildings.



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