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Robert (Bob) Zeolla

From the President

As a career window cleaner since 1975, Bob Zeolla was acutely aware of the hazards of working in the suspended access business. Most buildings lacked adequate anchorages, and the rigging practices in the past offered little assurance against a catastrophic accident. The lack of adequate safety equipment and standards resulted in injuries, fatal accidents, and lawsuits against building owners for millions of dollars. Bob became involved in training and the development of regulations to make a positive change. He put together a team of engineers and construction experts to develop products using the best resources available, and American Anchor was formed.

His initiative has resulted in improved safety for workers, the public, and building owners. Bob served as the President of the International Window Cleaning Association in 2001 and he was a Member of the ANSI IWCA, I-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Committee, Published October 2001. He is a current ASME A-120 Powered Platforms for Building Maintenance Committee member and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the International Window Cleaning Association for over 10 years.

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